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 Some of Pioli's views

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Giver of Life
Giver of Life

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PostSubject: Some of Pioli's views   Sun Apr 17, 2011 11:10 pm

The most recent Scott Pioli press conference did not reveal much, but looking back over the past, you can get some ideas on the players the Chiefs will be looking at.

A few Scott Pioli quotes over the years that can be related to how the Chiefs might draft.

Pioli – “So the answer is we have a need at every position. Some are ranked higher than others for immediacy but that doesn’t mean that you run from another position. This goes into the whole thing of trying to find a delicate balance between best player available and need. It’s obvious to people I think what you all perceive and what we perceive certain needs are but again, you have to think ahead. You can’t focus in on a one-year or even a two-year frame of thinking because then you set yourself up for failure if you’re trying to build a consistent winner.”

Pioli - "Not to get caught up in the numbers. The things like height, weight and speed. The test numbers. It's not getting too caught up in numbers. I've made mistakes by getting caught up with the workouts. Tom Brady took some heat recently when they showed a video of his running a 40-yard dash. Tommy's speed and running has nothing to do with his pocket presence. Here is a guy, he has vision. He has the feel. He has the sense. He knows when to step up, so his athleticism is due to his awareness. Ted Bruschi, his instincts are incredible. They're rare. He plays a lot faster than what his numbers on paper would indicate. Ty Warren's strength-I remember when Ty was coming out, his overall wasn't great but he has this brute strength. Wes Welker is another guy. He has enough quickness to get away from folks."

Pioli - "We did not spend a lot of time on Eli (Manning) and that group of players at the top of the draft because we were so far back. Just from a process standpoint, if we're picking 30th, we don't spend much time. We try to be more efficient, because that is spending time on players that we know will be gone at the top part of the draft. We're better off spending time on the players who we know maybe be potentially available."

Pioli - "For us, there is some combination of best player and need, but it's not the same formula every time. It's not always 50-50. Sometimes it's 70-30. Sometimes it's 80-20. That's part of the strategy when you're on the clock - knowing what other opportunities are out there."

Pioli – “Defense wins championships. Offense just tells you by how much.”

Pioli – “You want—no, more than want, you need—to find people who will do the right thing most of the time.”

Pioli – “Reliability. Dependability. Accountability. Discipline. But these words have been used so often and so much in vain that they shrivel and fray and lose their color in the light of day.”

Pioli - "You know, there are a lot of ways to win, but there's only one way for me to win and be proud of winning."

Pioli - "The key is sustainability. Do you want to build a team that will win once and then implode? I don't think that's the job. The job is to make the difficult decisions so you can build the kind of team that can be in position to win every single year."

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PostSubject: Re: Some of Pioli's views   Mon Apr 18, 2011 9:51 am

Defense can win championships, but if you go back the past 20 years or so most SB winners have had HOF caliber QB's too. So while I think we are starting to build a great D (we have a fantastic secondary given they have to cover longer than any other secondary in football), KC still needs to find that franchise QB.
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Some of Pioli's views
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